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Purrfect Party THEME - PREMIUM
  • Purrfect Party Dinner Plates Round Paper 22cm Pack of 8
  • Purrfect Party Cups Paper 266ml Hot & Cold Pack of 8
  • Purrfect Party Tablecover All Over Print Plastic 137cm x 259cm Each
  • Purrfect Party Centrepiece Honeycomb 30cm x 23cm (Supplied Flat - Easy Assembly) Each
  • Purrfect Party Luncheon Napkins Happy Birthday 33cm x 33cm 2 Ply Pack of 16
  • Bermuda Blue Cutlery Set Plastic Knives, Forks & Spoons Pack of 24
  • Purrfect Party Luncheon Plates Paper Round 17cm Pack of 8
  • Purrfect Party Invitations You're Invited & Pink Envelopes Pack of 8
  • Purrfect Party Favour Boxes Cardboard 23cm x 9cm x 9cm (Supplied Flat - Easy Assembly Required) Pack of 8
  • Hello Kitty Rainbow Candles Set Happy Birthday Mini Moulded Pack of 4
  • Hello Kitty Rainbow Mega Mix Favors Value Pack Includes 8 of each - Rulers, Heart Rings, Brushes, Mini Tops, Puzzle Watches & Bracelets Each


Package for 8: 20328596 20328591 20329399 20329406 20328593
Package for 8 cont.: 20010616 20328595 20329423 20329405
Package of 8 cont.: A171417 A394449
  • We have underlined the extra items in each package so that it is easier to identify the differences between all packages.  

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