Party Ideas

Batman Party 

Here's a great table setting to decorate your son's Batman Themed table.  Get crafty and cut out windows and create a building from an old cardboard box.  Click here to see our Batman Theme tableware and accessories.

Here's another great idea for a Batman theme party food.

Mexican Party

Create a backdrop for great memorable photos.  Click here to see our Mexican Theme tableware and accessories.

Tiny Taco dipping pots are great to spread around the table. Avocado, tomato, sour cream, cucumber.

Mexican Party

Beef and Bean Nachos.  Here's a favourite for a Mexican Theme party.  Click here to see our Mexican Theme tableware and accessories.  

Unicorn Theme

Here's a great party idea for your Unicorn party.  Why not serve Unicorn Cupcake cones  -  #partyfood #kidspartyfoods                     

Unicorn Theme 

This delicious unicorn smoothie has a strawberry base with swirls of magical blue yoghurt. You can also incorporate swirls of mango puree. By Karen Petersen 

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